Custom Trikes


A Three Wheels and More Custom Trike comes stock with a 4 speed VW transaxle and wide glide duel disc front end. However, since each motorcycle trike is built for the buyer from the ground up, personalized options include the choice of three body styles (C Cab, T Top or Delivery), transmission, front end, tires and wheels, color, chrome, seats, electronics and even a matching trailer.

The engine is also completely customizable, from  mild to git-r-done!

Seats are side by side, making for a more pleasurable riding experience with a passenger. 

Unique to a Three Wheels and More Custom Trike; no handle bars!  The steering wheel can literally be turned with a pointer finger (though I don't recommend doing this when actually driving), making my trikes much easier to drive for both him or her, and ideal for both daily commuting in traffic as well as long distance touring.  This is a huge difference from a motorcycle conversion, which may be harder to steer and control because of the physics involved with changing a motorcycle to a rigid frame three wheel cycle, which is also comparable to driving a motorcycle with a sidecar.  There just is less road fatigue when driving a Three Wheels and More Custom Trike.  These motorcycle trikes drive much like a car with independent suspension as they are very stable on the road, even when pulling a trailer.

 A stock Three Wheels and More Custom Trike features:

  • Four Speed Transaxle
  • VW 1600 dual port engine
  • VW rear suspension
  • Dual 40cfm Weber Carbs
  • Hydraulic clutch and throttle
  • Wide glide duel disc front end
  • Hand laminated fiberglass body
  • A steering wheel
  • Side by Side Seating
  • Capable of towing a trailer

Examples of Custom Trike Body Styles:


T Top Custom Trike Body:

Custom Trike body


C Cab Custom Trike Body:

Custom Trike Body C Cab style


Delivery Cab Custom Trike Body:



For more information including pricing, customization options, and trike specifications, please contact John via email: or call 509.859.2446.